Three poets share their first queer experiences with an original score created by Nicholas Hann and animations from Beck Kubrick. Be it your first painful crush, your first time experiencing gender euphoria, or the first time stepping into a queer night club and feeling the beat on your skin – our first experiences within the community can be the most important.

After Sirena

After overcoming the first round of water
my father used to wash the glitter off of me,
I sought advice from mermaids, asking them how
they continued emerging after their first impossible ocean.

This poem is written after “Sirena” by Gloc-9 and “These Queer Merboys” by Serge ♆ Neptune in response to the first time I worked to reclaim the power in my identity as a bisexual Filipino man.

Troy Cabida

imagine if lychees were as big as mangoes

first bite of a lychee
a house full of us peeling, revealing all in season
bowls full of fruit and shisha cloudy heads
singing loud like UV vest and nets 

I wrote this poem about queen community: feeling accepted and able to have your questions shared.

Tice Cin

we were constant together

lay as we slept, clicking saints’ names in our ears. watched her wash her hair. I need to, need it.
I need her. she told me they will put you in the ground, throw soil over you. you should pretend to be dead
for god willed it so, to play honour to the higher form. the cold dead sun wrecked us all so gleefully,
we boiled our wedding dresses hand in hand, then cropped our hair close as breath.

This poem touches on the queerness of being alive – and all the desire borne of looking at someone you love.

Annie Hayter

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